I want to cut my own feet off so I don’t have to go to school tomorrow.

Hazel Carlton + Cigarettes


… the cigarettes will be greatly appreciated. How are you feeling?

You got it. I’m tired, but other than that, fine. You?


It’s what friends do, Hazel. You don’t need to owe me anything.

Alright, whatever. I’m still dropping cigarettes off at the garage ‘cause I’m feeling kinda generous.


Eh, well, uh, not my sort of show, heh. And you know, forget about it, Hazel. It’s not a big deal.

No, really. I owe you for not letting me drown. Whatever you want, it’s yours. Just say when.


Uhhhhhhhhhhh …

Yeah, I mean, that’s basically it. Hey, I’m sorry for the other night. I was really out of it and I didn’t mean to cry on your shoulder or anything.


Never watched it, but I have heard of it. I heard it’s insane.

Oh, it is. Everyone wants to fuck Tate even though he’s a psychotic, homicidal freak.


I’m glad, but still … Cold Case and what’s better than both, a show called Haven.

Never heard of it. American Horror Story’s pretty good.


He snorts. And look where your constant smoking got you. Apparently ya killed a few too many brain cells there.

It got me into fucking fantastic crime shows. Chris Meloni’s fifty one and I’d still fuck him.


I like Cold Case better. 

Cocaine, see, that’s what it does to you.